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The Orbach series drum/disc mowers were initially a joint project between Orbach Agri and ARMSCOR in 1990. The cutting machines were designed and built and have since fully developed over 20 years into top-quality products that can cut lucerne, tef, Eragrostis, Smuts finger grass, and field grass with high speed and low KW requirements without hay wastage.

Orbach machines are being manufactured in the Midvaal area near Vereeniging. Custom-made for the RSA and African countries and conditions, these long-lasting cutting machines are great solutions for cutting grass in tough conditions with easy and inexpensive maintenance. These attractive features were made ​​possible by replacing the conventional gear drive system with a much more practical V-belt operating system. No slipping of belts, and the belt-driven system protects the Orbach machine against stone damage.


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GM 2200 KM 1700