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The Orbach SM series consists of three models: 1.5m, 2.2m and 3m cutting width

Model Information:

Specifications: SM1500 SM2200 SM3000
General Description The smallest of the series with 2 cutting discs. The SM1500 is ideal for a farmer with a small tractor to cut crop with minimum cutting wastage, fast forward speed and easy, low-cost maintenance. The SM 2200 is the first Orbach model and is still the most popular one. Ideal for the average farmer and can cut as much hay as required per day. The biggest Orbach model with 4 cutting discs to cut 3 meters wide. Is lifted hydraulically and runs behind or beside the tractor. Ideal to cut many hectares per day.
Cutting Width 1.5 meter 2.2 meter 3 meter
Tractor KW required 35 KW 50 KW 65 KW
Connection to Tractor Three point linkage + PTO Three point linkage + PTO Draw bar + PTO + 3 hydraulic links (two controls)
PTO RPM 540 rpm max 540 rpm max 540 rpm max
Cut capacity 1.4 Ha/hour (circular cutting) 2.1 Ha/hour (circular cutting) 2.8 Ha/hour (circular cutting)
Number of Cutting Discs/Drums 2 3 4
Disc Speed 2000 o.p.m max 2000 o.p.m max 2000 o.p.m max
Cutting Blade Speed 86 meters / sec 86 meters / sec 86 meters / sec
Cutting Disc Diameter 750 mm. 750 mm. 750 mm.
Weight 440 kg 620 kg 1040 kg
Machine Dimensions 101 x 2.9 m 1.1 x 3.8m 1.6 x 3.6m
Bearings and Seals Standard (any bearing dealer) Standard Standard

Photos of the SM range

A video of the SM range in action