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Lucerne Conditioner

A new product from Orbach (since 2012).

This conditioner that is 1.7 meters wide, is primarily intended for the conditioning of alfalfa (lucerne), previously raked into wind rows. This means that alfalfa is first raked into wind rows immediately after cutting, and then the rows are conditioned directly afterwards. Steel rollers do the conditioning, and is powered by a single gearbox that is connected to the tractor PTO. A 35 KW tractor is needed. The lower roller is set to run just above the ground in order to pick up the cut lucerne and feed it through the two rollers of the machine. The height above the ground during conditioning is adjustable.
The machine is powered by the tractor's hydraulic pump to move up and down for easy transport on roads or to work in the field. A strong construction ensure that the KM 1500 lucerne conditioner will outlast any mower-conditioner, which means that only the purchase of a mower need to be considered later. With the use of a mower instead of a mower-conditioner, cutting is done considerably faster.

Tests confirm that drying time is reduced to about 50% between cutting and baling therefore reduces the risk of rain on the cut lucerne. Tests also confirm that the method of raking lucerne into wind rows and then conditioning the wind row result in no leaf wastage because the leaves don't easily fall off when the lucerne is raked when wet.

The aggression with which the steel rollers operate when conditioning the lucerne is adjustable. Other crops like Smuts finger grass, teff and even sorghum can be crushed with this machine to promote the drying process.

Photos of the KM Range

A video of the SM range in action