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Golf and Park Mowers

Orbach Agri started eight years ago to adjust their cutting machines/mowers for the cutting of Golf Courses, Parks and Sports fields such as rugby fields, soccer fields and cricket fields. Firstly, to be able to do that the machines had to be adapted to run behind the tractor instead of next to it enabling the mower to cut between trees. The cutting height is also lower than the other mowers. Orbach used the experience gained over the years in the agricultural industry, and consequently applied exactly the same cutting principle as in the SM series. The attachment to the tractor and the shape of the cutting discs were modified. Otherwise everything stayed unchanged.

Where many institutions use rotary blade cutters to cut the grass of Parks, Roads, Sports Fields, Golf Course rough etc., the Orbach GM series now offers many advantages and savings:
  • Because the Orbach GM machine uses thin cutting blades that can turn at high speed, the forward cutting speed is three times faster which means that a tractor with one Orbach GM2200 machine can do the work of two and a half rotary blade cutters daily. Only half of the tractors is needed to do the job in the same time frame.
  • Because of the thin blades of the Orbach mower and because the grass is only cut once, there will be a saving of 50% or more with regards to diesel consumption.
  • The light cutting blades and also how the Orbach mower operates, remove the risk of flying stones and objects that can cause damage.
  • With the high speed of the cutting blades, a neat cut is left and consequently an appealing field where Orbach machine worked.

Photos of the GM series

Here is a video of the GM series in action